VGA graphics output rendered on the STM32

U23 2012

I was part of the team which organized the yearly occuring youth project for people under 23 in my local cologne hackerspace called the C4 (Chaos Computer Club Cologne).

After a few members discovered the STM32 family as being a worthy replacement for AVRs which haven been used by several people in the hackerspace, we thought about using them for our youth project.

The goal was to give young people a bit of knowledge how to use these chips and maybe even get them interested in the broader topic of electronics and/or computer science.

We used the STM32 F4 Discovery boards as they were cheaply available, contained a programmer and were documented in great detail. We thought about what project we could realize with the participants and found a Demo which rendered pretty cool graphics on that small ARM chip:

We even found the source code and were able to use it as a basis for our graphics output over VGA.

We came up with the idea to build a small gaming console. We hooked up a few buttons, two SNES pads and wrote a bunch of code to make it easy for the participants to use the platform without needing to know the nasty details of using the on-chip hardware.

All the code is available on GitHub, but it hasn’t been touched in years, so it’s quite outdated by now.

More information in German language in the public C4 wiki: